Here’s what needs to be happening in the garden during September.

The days shorten and autumn advances, heralded by Michaelmas daisies and crocosmia. Be ready to protect tender crops such as courgettes.

It is a sad moment when the first phlox appears. It is the amber light indicating the end of the great burst of early summer and suggesting that we must now start looking forward to autumn.

Vita Sackville-West
  • Sow and plant out winter vegetables e.g. chard.
  • Earth up celeriac and leeks.
  • Trim hedges now that the birds have finished nesting.
  • Start picking and storing apples.
  • Cut off this summer’s fruiting blackberry and raspberry canes at ground level. Tie in new canes.
  • Review borders and make notes on which plants to move.
  • Start planting spring bulbs.
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