Here’s what needs to be happening in the garden during July.

The days will still be long, whether or not the ground is parched and dry. If it is, water it thoroughly and cover with a mulch to protect your most precious crops and flowers. If the weather’s wet, be vigilant in removing slugs and snails.

In lang, lang days o’simmer

When the clear and cloudless skiy

Refuses ae wee drap o’ rain

To Nature parched and dry………..

James Ballantine
  • Sow spring cabbage seed.
  • Continue sowing biennials.
  • Sow autumn and winter vegetable crops.
  • Feed tomatoes, peppers and containers with diluted comfrey juice.
  • Earth up potatoes.
  • Cut down summer raspberry canes after fruiting is finished. Tie in new canes.
  • Keep weeding, watering and controlling pests.
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