Here’s what needs to be happening in the garden during August.

Time for harvesting, taking cuttings and enjoying the garden

Once upon a Lammas Night

When the corn rigs are bonny,

Beneath the Moon’s unclouded light

I held awhile to Annie……….

Robert Burns
  • Place pumpkins on slates to keep them off the ground.
  • Sow vegetables for autumn and winter e.g. cabbage, perpetual spinach.
  • Stake tall plants such as lilies and dahlias.
  • Collect and dry seed pods for storage. Remember to label them.
  • Water and feed containers.
  • Harvest and dry onions.
  • Prepare new strawberry beds and plant out runners.
  • Order spring bulbs.
  • Plant out biennials for early flowering next year.
  • Take pelargonium cuttings.
  • Take semi-ripe cuttings of shrubs.
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